Thursday, 3 May 2012

Presenting our work

We hope you like or designs for our upcoming website. We want it to be fun and have a hand made look that relates to our favorite building material : paper.

We're on Facebook and Twitter!

The Paper Cutters are now on facebook, like us because we like you. and

Web Page on its way soon

We've been busy with cameras and lights trying to get our models looking perfect for our web page's navigation pages.

Making Models

Here at The Paper Cutters we are always making models, and we decided that our logo should be a 3 dimensional tangible thing. We've uploaded some of our earlier models before they became our final logo.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Dinner Guests

Sit down for a delicious meal with Luvena Petty's Dinner Guests a group of fine people who enjoy fine dining. Both Richard Royal and Elizabeth Royal love to host parties at their huge manor house, for guests such as Anish Kapoor, who loves to stand out from a crown by wearing his bright pink suit. Peter the waiter is a university student who works for the Royal's and aspires to share their life style one day.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Stan Wars

My toys based on people obsessed with celebrities and trolling online forums to decide who is the best. Internet trolling can be serious business and these people have it down to an art.

Also here is a net for KittyPurry2489. More nets will be released in the following weeks.

Making Progress

The team is still using facebook to help communicate and share our ideas when we aren't all together in the studio. This has been working pretty well for us, and we've been making some progress with the web page designs and our character backgrounds.